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Vedic Art®
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Vedic Art is a unique method and program founded in Sweden by the fine artist Curt Kallman (1938-2010).
The 17 Steps
An important part of the method are “The 17 Principles of Vedic Art” ©. Curt Kallman got access to names of these 17 Principles in 1974 from the Indian teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. All interpretations, exercises and understanding was created by Curt himself during the 1970’s and 80’s.
The practical exercises
The exercises of the program has mainly their origin in traditional art education. But in Vedic Art the exercises are transformed to focus on the Life and on the process more than on the result. Curt Kallman found the program of Vedic Art during the years 1974-1988.
The approach of Vedic Art
The program support freedom, integrity, respect and finding our unique inner expression. Vedic Art supports equality between students and teachers. Vedic Art is does not belong to any religion. The method is not related to any specific art style. Vedic Art is open for everyone. No previous art experience is required.
The name “Vedic Art”
Vedic Art is a modern Swedish method and was formally founded as a training in Sweden in 1988. Vedic Art® is a registered trademark. © All rights reserved. The only way to get access to Vedic Art and the 17 Principles is to join a Vedic Art course for a Vedic Art teacher. 

Quotes from Curt Kallman, the founder of Vedic Art.

Vedic Art does not teach you how to paint. Vedic Art is a method to help you to remember how to create. And not only to remember how to paint and create art… From the beginning, when we first hear of the 17 principles of Vedic Art, we tap into the nature of existence, the story of life: where we have come from and where we are going.
Vedic Art is a navigation map. Use the compass you have in your mind and find the way to the chamber of peace in your heart.Then, when you dip your brush in the light, the space and the bliss, eternity will be pictured. When you enter your work of art — your self-referential dialogue — you will find the code of how life can be lived and how a piece of art can open the doors of heaven and earth.
1 November 2004
Curt Källman
Founder of Vedic Art